Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Little Monsters

Title:  Little Monsters

Author:  Kara Thomas

Published:  2017

Pages:  322

I found out about Little Monsters from BookTuber JesseTheReader in his Favorites of 2017 video.  I love hearing about favorites from the previous year because they are usually more available at the library.  Or, you won't have to pay full price on Amazon.

This YA book was a riot!  Right from the beginning we are thrown into a midnight run to the barn for a spooky seance.  Why is Kacey so reluctant to sneak out with her friends Bailey and Jade?  And why in the world do they let Kacey's little sister Lauren come along?

As Kacey adjusts to her new life in Broken Falls, she wonders why people are so welcoming and why Jade and Bailey are willing to let her into their tight circle.  When Bailey soon goes missing, the questions continue to grow.  Clear your calendar for the day and ride along this mysterious journey in Little Monsters.




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